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Kusasa's pilots operate under a fully certified, South African Civil Aviation Authority (SACAA) Part 101-approved (third party) 

Drone Operator's Certificate (ROC)

This means that our pilots are legally permitted to operate commercially in South Africa.

Ready for take-off


our capabilities:


drones for 


Advances in remote sensing with the use of drones has revolutionized precision agriculture. With multispectral imaging, drones can accurately and cost effectively assess crop health, detect disease/pests, assess drought distress, predict yields and much, much more.

A stressed plant will reflect less light in the invisible infra-red range, specifically red-edge (RE) and Near Infra-Red (NIR), meaning that areas of a farm that are affected by a particular disease or pest will be easily distinguishable from the air by a drone equipped with a multispectral sensor.

Actuation drones can also be used in conjunction with sensing drones for precision 'spot-spraying' - utilising large payload crop-spraying drones.

If you'd like us to help you use this technology on your farm, contact us.


drones for 

security & surveillance

Need an "eye in the sky"? Drones are an ideal solution for any form of security or surveillance due to the unique perspective they provide. 

They can be used for general loitering and surveillance, rapid incident response, border monitoring, etc. 

Critically, Kusasa pilots are able to fly night visual operations. In conjunction with an infra-red thermal camera, you can monitor and respond to any occurrence on your property without risking human life



drones for 

aerial photography

A photograph taken from a drone is unlike any other, it almost always grabs the viewer's attention with a surreal perspective. 

If you'd like to capture special moments from the air, get an aerial view of your facilities for your website, or if you'd like to sell a product/service in a unique way, let us know!


drones for 

surveying & mapping

Drones can be used to map out a large area by taking many smaller pictures and digitally 'stitching' them together.

The picture on the right is not a single aerial photograph, but rather hundreds of smaller drone photographs. 

Drones can also be used to gather information about their environment for surveying applications. Below are two stitched images - the first is a regular image and the second is a digital rendering with colour representing the height. 

With a GPS RTK drone, it is possible to use drones for centimeter-level accuracy 3D digital reconstruction and surveying.

Yellow Stitch 1.2.jpg
OrientPaintHangar20210222-COLOR DEM JPG.


3D rendered


drones and 


Kusasa's engineering team has experience with the development of different software platforms, including app development and integration with drones, machine learning and artificial intelligence, database design and many more.

If your drone solution requires software that is unique to your particular application, we have the expertise to build it for you.


turn-key solutions 

for any application

Don't see your particular need on this list? We specialize in custom, end-to-end solutions with a combination of aeronautical/software engineering and drone operations/training.


Let us know what you'd like to achieve with drones and we'll help you get there.

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