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Founded in 2020, Kusasa Aerospace is a consulting firm with a specific focus on the Southern African aviation industry. We have a highly experienced team, with a deep knowledge of the regulatory and industrial landscape of the continent, vast engineering capability and a driving passion for people-centered solutions.

We are based in South Africa, in Johannesburg, but have international capability and experience. 

about us
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our flight path

"kusasa" means tomorrow in isiZulu. It is our ambition to pioneer new areas of the African aviation industry, bringing about a brighter tomorrow.

We use technological innovations and industry expertise to provide engineering solutions, lead markets, facilitate sustainable growth and make a difference to the communities we have a footprint in.

our flight path

our team

Our team consists of highly-qualified industry experts and individuals deeply passionate about aviation in Africa. With a combined experience of over 100 years in the field, and with specialist knowledge of different aspects of aviation, we are confidently able to tackle any task our customers may require with diligence and skill. 

The team is led by Cpt. Peter Clark (pictured far right), a senior Training Captain for a national airline, qualified test pilot and aeronautical engineer with over 40 years of experience in the industry.


Any project we take on is in capable hands.

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our team

our expertise

Kusasa's team has several fields of expertise, although we are ready and willing to take on any challenge.

Specific disciplines in which we have experience are listed below:



Southern African aviation industry, regulations

Our team has been working in the industry for the past 40 years, engaging with the South African Civil Aviation Authority (SACAA), and others, for over 25 years.

We have developed many valuable relationships and have experience in engaging with them on all parts of the legislation, from Part 135 (commercial aircraft operations) to Part 101

(RPAS operations).

Members of our team have served on the SACAA Civil Aviation Regulations Committee (CARCOM), and have been able to get an inside view as to the functioning of the regulatory body.

Remotely Piloted Aerial Systems (RPAS) solutions, operations

One of our primary focuses currently is the drone environment and its markets.

Our team brings more than just drone knowledge to the table - we have a deep knowledge of the aviation industry as a whole, and the principles that govern civil aviation. As the world of drones moves to align itself closely with traditional civil aviation, our team has all the required expertise to make the necessary connections.

We have access to specialized drone industry knowledge and resources; including pilots, maintenance, operations, engineering and technology development of the highest standards.

Our team's ability in this area is as limitless as the applications of the drones themselves.

Aeronautical Engineering

We have qualified aeronautical engineers on our team, with years of experience completing engineering design work to aerospace standards.


Although the focus of our work is on aeronautics and aerospace, this is by no means the limit of our ability engineering-wise. We love solving all forms of problems, using innovation and creativity to do so, and we are confident that our team has the diversity of experience to tackle any challenge. 

Our team marries skill and experience, talent and knowledge, youth and wisdom.

Operations solutions and innovations

Along with any design comes the operation and maintenance of the system once the solution has been implemented. 

We have experience implementing and managing all forms of systems and solutions, whether it be people, products or software. Efficiency, cost-effectiveness, usability and sustainability are all key focus areas our team are comfortable with dealing with.

This is not limited to the aerospace industry, as our team brings experience from many different industries, which we typically apply to any problem we tackle.

our expertise

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compassion, community engagement


our values
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