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the kusasa mission.

"kusasa" means tomorrow in isiZulu. It is our ambition to pioneer new areas of the African aviation industry, bringing about a brighter tomorrow.


We use technological innovations and industry expertise to provide engineering solutions, lead markets, facilitate sustainable growth and make a difference to the communities we have a footprint in.


about us

Founded in 2020, Kusasa Aerospace is a consulting firm with a specific focus on the Southern African aviation industry. We have a highly experienced team, with a deep knowledge of the regulatory and industrial landscape of the continent, vast engineering capability and a driving passion for people-centered solutions. 

We are based in South Africa, in Johannesburg, but have international capability and experience. 



50 000+



Year Established

Combined years of aviation experience

Team flight hours on commercial aircraft

Home base

our areas of expertise

Southern African aviation industry, regulations

Drone solutions, operations and training 

Aeronautical Engineering

Operations solutions and improvement

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